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Online Resources

Below are categories of online resources that our clients often find useful.

Please note that links within the following sections will take you outside of the DDC website, and the appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute DDC's endorsement of the linked websites or the information, products, or services contained therein.

DNA, Genetics, and Biotechnology. Educational resources on the theory and application of paternity DNA testing, other DNA tests, genetics, and biotechnology.

Parenting and Family Life. Online communities sharing advice and resources for parenting and raising children.

Resources for Fathers/Men. Support for men and fathers in the areas of health, divorce, and parenting.

Resources for Mothers/Women. Portals for women and mothers to communicate and exchange ideas and encouragement, advice about women's health, and other issues.

Health and Nutrition. Online health information and resources, including health suppliers.

Legal and Immigration Resources. Resources for those needing legal support for divorce and immigration.

Adoption and Child Custody Resources. Information on adoptions (including international adoptions) and child custody.

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